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We're working diligently to source the most up-to-date Covid-19 information so you can understand exactly how the pandemic is effecting the market. As the situation develops, so will this page. Stay tuned for more coverage information from GlobalSource IT and other sources.  

A Message From Our President. . .

We recognize and understand the challenges our customers are facing during these uncertain times including travel bans, declining market valuations, extreme budgetary pressures and a workforce under health threat.

At the same time, business must go on. You have critical projects that must be completed and business units that continue to need support. We know you require flexibility and control to navigate through these challenging times.  As such, while the health crisis lasts, GlobalSource IT will be offering the following for new projects:  

  • An amended rate guide reflecting lower hourly rates for remote consultants
  • An increase in the guarantee period to 120 hours
  • Access to local-remote consultants (working remotely within a 100-mile radius of your worksite with the capability to utilize ground transport into the offce if required and authorized)
  • On demand – no minimum hours spot consulting and a new spot consulting hub to make finding on demand talent easier than ever.

It is in times like these that we must recognize that we’re all in this together. It is our commitment to provide you the most flexible talent solutions available in the market as we all fight through this.

Thank you and stay safe!

-Jason Massman | President of GlobalSource IT

If you'd like to see the new remote rate guide, send an email to sales@globalsourceit.com.
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