Our Vetting Process
Do you struggle with consultants that are overpriced, under qualified, and bad cultural fits? At GlobalSource IT, we ensure success with our rigorous vetting process.
Step 1: 500 Candidates
We utilize our network, job boards, and LinkedIn to select a pool of 500 candidates.
Step 2: 50 Candidates
Typically 50 candidates are available which we run through a deep skillset check.
Step 3: 25 Candidates
25 are then subject to a logistical and rate check, narrowing the field to 15.
Step 4: 15 Candidates
These candidates are checked against 500,000 resumes for plagarism.
Step 5: 10 Candidates
Our senior recruiters interview the remaining 10 candidates individually to assess experience, communication, and cultural fit.
Step 6: 5 Candidates
The remaining 5 candidates are then subject to an extensive reference and Visa check as applicable.
Step 7: Top 3 - 4 Submitted
Within 48 Hours we have 3 to 4 candidates who have been vetted and verified for submittal.
No other staffing vendor takes the time and effort to provide you with this level of high-quality, reliable talent.  No one.
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